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As a woman, you see your family as priority number one. It's only natural to take your family's needs into consideration before filing for bankruptcy, and we're always here to help. Whether you're certain you want to file or you have questions and want some support in your choices, we can help!

A bankruptcy case allows you to get the security and protection you deserve in order to liberate you or focus on the things that really matter. Many of our clients are deeply thankful for the security that a bankruptcy case has brought them and their family, as well as for the peace of mind it can bring. When you want support for your family, we're always here

to help.

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Just because one spouse decides to file for bankruptcy protection does not mean the other spouse must do so as well. A married couple can choose to file a joint bankruptcy case together but by no means are they required to do so. We help many married clients where just one spouse decides to file a bankruptcy to deal with their creditors. If you're interested in bankruptcy and your spouse isn't, we're here to help.

If desired, you can act independently of your spouse

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